How to add a Host User with a Licence to your existing account?


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A license is a permission that allows an individual or organization to use Paid Plan features of Meet Hour, and it can be used for two main purposes: if you have additional licences, you can conduct parallel meetings using a single host account, and you can also assign a licence to a specific host user to allow them to host meetings using their own account.

A Host User is a person who is responsible for organizing and managing the virtual meeting. The host is typically the person who initiates the video conference and invites other participants to join. The host may have a host license, which grants them access to advanced features and tools that allow them to manage the video conference more effectively.

As the host of a video conference, you may be responsible for tasks such as setting up the virtual meeting, inviting participants, managing the audio and video settings, and moderating the discussion. you may also have the ability to share your screen, record the video conference, or assign roles to other participants. As the host, you may also have the ability to mute or remove participants from the video conference if necessary.

If you have a single Licence you need to buy additional licences to add a Host User. To buy additional licences Go to Dashboard -->  Click on My Subscription.

On My Subscription page --> Click on Update Plan --> Click on Change Host Account Limit.

Select the number of Licences required and click on the Save Button.

After adding the Licences, Scroll down on the My Subscription page at the bottom you will find the Host Users section. Click on the Add New Host User Button.

Select an email from the drop-down --> Click on the Add Button.

Note: You need to have a contact added to your Contact List before you add to the Host User. Read this Article: How to add Contacts in Meet Hour

After adding a Host User, The Administrator or Organization can assign certain permissions to the Host User. Click on the permissions on the Host User.

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