How to Assign a Moderator?


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A Moderator is a person who is responsible for hosting the meeting. The moderator is typically the person who creates the meeting and has the ability to manage the participants and the various features and functions of the meeting platform.

When a meeting is scheduled, the person who creates the meeting is automatically designated as the moderator. However, it is also possible to assign moderator rights to other individuals while scheduling the meeting or during the conference. This can be useful for organizations that want to designate specific individuals as moderators for certain meetings or for individuals who want to share moderator responsibilities with others.

To Assign Moderator during Scheduling a Meeting Go to Dashboard --> Schedule Meeting Tab --> In this Page After adding Contact / Invite Participant Select a Moderator from the Pick Moderator option.

Also, you can assign Moderator rights during the conference, Once you join the meeting click on the Participant button and then click on the More Action button to whom you want to grant Moderator Rights.

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