How to View Recording & its Settings in Meet Hour?


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Meet Hour is providing three types of Recording Storage Services to store their recordings. Dropbox, Meet Hour Recording, and Custom AWS S3 Storage. The choice of service will depend on the user's subscription plan.

What is Dropbox Recording? 

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service that allows users to store and share files online. Meet Hour integrated this third-party service, where a user can store their recordings in Dropbox. Based on your subscription with dropbox you will get the storage limit, whereas the Free Plan users, will get 1 GB storage in Dropbox.

What is Meet Hour Recording? 

Meet Hour Recording is Meet Hour's own storage service for recording and storing meetings. In Meet Hour recording a user will get up to 30 GB of free storage if the user is in paid plan (Pro, Developer, and Enterprise)

Meet Hour Recording is a powerful storage solution for recording and preserving meetings within Meet Hour. With this service, users on paid plans (Pro, Developer, and Enterprise) can take advantage of up to 30 GB of free storage to securely store and access their meeting recordings.

What is AWS S3 Bucket Recording? 

A user also can store his recordings in the AWS S3 bucket. A user can access this feature if he/she is on a paid plan (Pro, Developer, and Enterprise).

To set up recording settings, go to the Dashboard --> Click on Recordings --> Click on Record Settings to change the recording settings.

Please change the recording setting according to your preference before recording the meeting. 

After Clicking on Record Settings. Select the Recording Storage Service where you want the recording to be stored. If you want to record in a different view ("Film Strip View" or "Tile View") select the recording style and click on Save Changes.

To view the recorded meetings, Go to the Dashboard --> Click on Recordings --> Click on My Recordings.

In My Recording Click on the Storage service (Dropbox, Meet Hour, and AWS) in which you have recorded the meeting. You can Play, Download, and Delete the recording.

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