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2 options to get Embed code


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What is embed code?

An embed code is a snippet of code that can be used to embed content from one website into another. The code typically consists of HTML and/or JavaScript, and it can be used to embed things like videos, images, and audio files, as well as entire web pages or widgets. Here our Embed code is being used to show the Meetings on your website. 

Steps to get Embed Code:

To use Embed Code in Website, A user needs to be on the paid plan of PRO, Developer & Enterprise Plan. There are two ways to get Embed code.

Option 1: (Generic Embed Code)
A generic embed code can find on Dashboard --> Developer Page ( which will be like this

Go to the Dashboard --> Click on the Developers --> At the bottom of the page you will find the Embed Code. Copy the code and paste it into your Web App.

Option 2: (Embed Meeting Code)
By joining any meeting which you already Scheduled on your dashboard. After Scheduling the meeting, the user needs to join the meeting as a Moderator.

1. Then in the Conference Click on the More Actions Button --> Click on Embed Meeting.

2. A popup will appear with Embed Code, Copy the code and paste it into your Web App.

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